About us


ARTPHERE is a major bag brand of Toyooka, a major bag-producing city in Japan, and is a long established producer of OEM Bag Maker’s factory brand.
In 2006 a brand of bags was created especially for travelling artists coming to sketch Toyooka, known for its rich outdoor environment and natural landscapes.
For us, we felt that with our abundant bag making experiences it would be possible to create a bag that would make their sketching trips more extraordinary, functional, convenient, and enjoyable.
Our passion to “create a bag for the traveling artist” was the starting point for our brand.
The structure used for the bags opening framework, suitable for storing a sketchbook, is what led to the birth of the “New Dulles Bag”.

Challenge to the world

By continually making innovative challenges, while keeping with tradition, we succeeded in creating a new genre and the “New Dulles Bag” was born. We attained a novel style bag with a clear distinction from conventional bags by using 3D design combined with arch system engineering. This created a slim and streamlined form that is also capable of high capacity storage.
In 2009, the bag received the ‘iF Product Design Award’. This was a first for the bag industry.
In addition, it also received high recognition from many buyers of Europe’s prestigious interior and design trade show “MAISON&OBJET”.

*iF Design Award: International design competition sponsored by Germany’s Hannover Industrial Forum Design.
Considered one of the most influential global design awards.

Toyooka - Japan’s leading bag producer

ARTPHERE is located in Toyooka, the central city of Northern Hyogo Prefecture. Legend has it that the origin of Toyooka’s bag industry can be dated all the way back to mythical times.
During the Edo Era, 400 years ago, production of wicker storage boxes made of braided plants became popular. Distribution and sales was established and began advancing, building up the town’s national recognition.
In 1881, the wicker boxes were fastened with 3 leather bands and then a handle was added, this was the birth of “Wicker Trunk Luggage”. This resulted in the transition from wicker box to bag. Toyooka’s craftsmanship was transformed into what it is today.
After that further advancement, new material and technologies were being adopted. Bags captured the skills and styles of the time. Suitcases were being made lighter through the use of piano wire. In 1936 Japanese athletes in the Berlin Olympics used fiber bags made in Toyooka.
At one time, more than 300 bag-related companies were prospering in Toyooka; it grew to account for 80% of the nation’s bag productions. Toyooka had become Japan’s number one city for bags.
* Currently, there are approximately 150 bag-related companies in Toyooka’s center within a 5km radius, and produces approximately 70% of the nation’s domestically produced bags.

Company Profile

Company Name ARTPHERE Co., Ltd
Address 7-28 Chuomachi, Toyooka, Hyogo 668-0033
Established May 2006
Capital Stock 10 million yen
CEO Shozaburo Yuri
Industry Details The production, sale and wholesale of bags and leather goods.

Global Strategy

Craftsman from Toyooka guide the international factories to build more manufacturing bases abroad that cultivate “Made in Japan (Toyooka)”. The succession of the genetic demeanor of Japan’s precise craftsmanship is combined with systems such as CAD to achieve “Japan like quality”. These international labor divisions are constructed by capitalizing on each factory’s strength, making craftsmanship from a global standpoint a possibility.
ARTPHERE globally markets its products as reliable and qualified; “Made in Japan”, and authentic products of Japan; “Made by Japan”.
Reaching new stages by fusing modern technological experiences and global efforts with traditions and techniques inherited from the founders is the manufacturing cornerstone goal of ARTPHERE.

Production and Sale
Networking outside of Japan

ARTPHERE continues to take on new global challenges.
In this time of age when people, things and information move without borders, ARTPHERE answers the needs of their international customers with speed and ease.

Vietnam Danang Factory

Danang was chosen as the starting place for operations because it’s a center for economy and is an important port city in Vietnam. Danang is also well known as a large-scale industrial city and a resort destination because of its mild climate.

Being aware of high international standards and quality, as well as using the power of design and proposition as leverage leads to the development of higher-grade manufacturing.